The idea of this art has been brewing for many years now, with the inspiration of creating modern Jewish art for our generations to come. 

Essentially, the goal is to help the Jewish nation across the world engage in their faith and culture through a collection of my art, and pieces.

Brand with a Purpose

Throughout my journey in developing these pieces, my oldest son, Gabriel Jacob, was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, STXBP1. With less than a thousand known cases around the world, and limited information my wife and I started searching for answers. It brought us full circle back to Hashem. 

There is a Hebrew expression that says Hakol Letova, Everything is for the Best. With that in mind, we quickly understood that our Son has a bigger mission on this Earth, to bring faith and religion to the homes of every Jew, and it is our duty as his parents to help him fulfill this mission. 

This is why we have decided to dedicate all our pieces in honor of his Refuah Shelema, and Hatzlacha. 

*a portion of the proceeds will go to covering the cost of Gabriel Jacob’s therapies as well as research to cure STXBP B"H.

Why 613?

As Jews, we have 613 Mitzvot in the Torah. These Mitzvot are divided into 248 do's and 365 dont’s. Commonly, the human body is divided into 248 Organs and 365 Tendons. 248 + 365 = 613. 

I chose the name 613, to shed the light on the importance of these Mitzvot and the correlation it has to health and well being. 

Coincidently, the Hebrew date of which we remember the Lubavitcher Rebbe (3rd of Tammuz) happen to land on the secular date of 6/13/202 this past year.

6HUNDRED13 was born.